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I am most interested in expressing, through a variety of media and technique, the beauty and diversity of the world I inhabit. Art is a tool and a practice of Presence, a way to live life fully by exploring and becoming intimate with the “ordinary miracles” encountered each day. These “miracles” include flowers, landscapes, cityscapes, still life, animals, and people.

In my 2-Dimensional work, I have developed my techniques in pastel painting. Painting with pastels is painting directly with pure color. It is very spontaneous and can be used easily on location. It is the perfect medium for becoming intimate with the world around me, at home or while traveling. A rich medium and means to truly BE wherever I am.

As an artist and teacher, I direct my attention and consciousness to those subjects and styles that strike me as beautiful and moving. There is never any shortage of material. I encourage others to look for and express what attracts them, what they feel connected to. In this way, unique expression occurs naturally, not as an artificial attempt at style.


Lewis Goldstein has an MFA in Art and Art History and is a full-time professor at Barstow Community College. He is an artist and writer specializing in Pastel Painting and Ceramic Arts. He is also a novelist and screen writer and is currently co-authoring a graphic epic poem entitled “Of Fleas and Fleadom. A Tale of Two Vermin.” With Arianna Grinager.


PASTEL 18"X24"

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